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Serrapeptase Serrasyn® The Silkworm Enzyme – What is Serrapeptase?

What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase Serrasyn® The Silkworm Enzyme

Serrasyn® is a high quality pharmaceutical grade Serrapeptase formulation which is defined by some as the miracle enzyme, also known as the silkworm enzyme, being actually produced by a friendly bacterium found naturally within the silkworm. The enzyme is utilised by the silkworm to dissolve its protective cocoon without having a detrimental effect on the living cells of the emerging silkmoth. The bacterium responsible for this enzyme is Serratia E15 and the enzyme is also known as Serratia peptidase. The enzyme was discovered in the early 1970’s and is now produced commercially as Serrsyn® through a fermentation process ensuring that the silkworm population is not affected.

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Serrasyn 250,000iu Review

TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 March 2016
Verified Purchase

I’ve been using a different brand of serrapeptase for the last few months (80,000 I.U – taking 4 a day) but thought I’d give this one a try as its a higher strength so I only need to take one a day.

I’ve done a lot of research in to the benefits of serrapeptase – it has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits & is believed to be a pain blocker.

Personally I’ve been taking it to relieve joint pains (I suffer with an under active thyroid & aches are one of the symptoms) & painful periods.
Within a week or two I really noticed the pains in my joints easing, and my period was pretty pain free (and have remained so ever since).
I was so impressed that I recommended them to my husband who has suffered with painful knees for many years following an injury. He too found that over a few weeks his pain subsided.

I also recommended them to my daughter, she has quite severe endometriosis and has found that after a few weeks her pains have gone & she has had what she considers to be a normal menstruation for the first time in 10 years (her pains were so severe previously that she’d have fainting fits & be bed bound for days).

My mother is also taking them to see if they help with her asthma & breathing difficulties – so far she’s found her constant cough has subsided (after 1 month) and she’s hoping the breathlessness will ease too given a bit more time.

The tablets are smooth, round and a bit smaller than a typical ibuprofen. Serrapeptase is an enzyme which breaks down dead tissue – so great for scar tissue. It’s also good for reducing mucus in the respiratory tract along with too many other benefits to list!!

Serrapeptase must be taken on an empty stomach – it won’t cause any harm if taken with food however the enzymes will work on digesting your food rather than the places within your body that need help!

I strongly recommend this brand – excellent quality, easy to swallow & very fast delivery.